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V-TIC Services proudly adheres to the following compliance principles:


Integrity is a key component of V-TIC’s business. V-TIC shall operate in an independent, professional and impartial manner in all its activities relating to testing.  All employees shall carry out their work honestly and shall have a zero-tolerance policy for any deviation from approved methods and procedures. Test that have approved tolerances, employees shall ensure that the tolerances are not abused to alter actual test results.

Employees shall report both quality and quantity results as an independent entity and in an unbiased fashion. Test results shall not be altered and reported in good faith. Reports and certificates issues by the employees shall correctly represent the actual findings, professional opinions and results obtained.

Conflict of Interest

To avoid conflict of interest or even the appearance of conflict of interest, employees shall avoid any financial interest with the parties involved in transactions. Employees shall also avoid conflicts of interest between V-TIC divisions/business units engaged in different activities but providing services to either the same client or each other. Conflict of interest shall also be avoided amongst activities within V-TIC.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

All employees of V-TIC shall respect the confidentiality and privacy of client’s information. All employees are required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements which prohibits the disclosure of any confidential, proprietary, financial and technical information obtained during their employment. V-TIC shall ensure processes are in place to adequately protect such information.


V-TIC shall prohibit the offer or acceptance of bribe in any form including kickbacks on any portion of a contract payment. V-TIC shall prohibit the use of any routes or channels for provision of improper benefits to or receipt of improper benefits from customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, employees of any such party or government officials.

Fair Business Conduct

V-TIC shall conduct itself with the utmost highest standards of business ethics and integrity. V-TIC shall not do anything which would bring its reputation, reputation of TIC Council or the TIC industry into disrepute.

Health and Safety

V-TIC shall provide and implement adequate training and procedures to protect the healthy and safety of its employees, customers and third-party providers. V-TIC shall monitor incidents to ensure risk minimization and continual improvement.

Fair Labor

V-TIC shall be aware of its social responsibility for its employees and people, communities and environments in which it operates and shall respect human rights.



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